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  • Wash, water, fertilize, all in one unit
  • 8 jet settings: Jet, precision jet, mist, rain, angled fan, horizontal fan, vertical fan, soaker
  • 3-way flow control switch
  • Tough on dirt, gentle on plants
  • Perfect for windows, driveway, decks, plants, vehicles and more


Tough on dirt, gentle on plants.


The EZ-Jet® multi-function spray gun can wash, wax, water and fertilize all in one unit! Complete with 8 spray patterns in one nozzle, simply rotate the nozzle head to the desired function and you’re good to go! The integrated dispenser allows for easy application of soap or fertilizer. The 3-Way flow control switch allows you to wash and rinse with one flick of the switch. Wash and wax your car, water your garden, clean your driveway and windows, and apply fertilizer to your lawn – All with the amazing EZ-Jet®. It can do it all!


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EZ Jet

SKU: N61193
$24.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
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